Mark presents a workshop on Green Building &
Healthy Homes at the Lake Eden Arts Festival.

Right: Mark & his wife, Wanda Sundermann.
1976 - 1977
- Worked as a "heavy construction" form carpenter
building foundations for multi-story buildings.

1977 - 1978
- Formed New Immigrant Construction Co. with
two partners. We subcontracted framing and
siding work from general contractors.

- Worked as a framing carpenter for a builder
near Keene, NH.

1979 - 1980
- Worked for North Country Stair Co. in Hillsboro, NH,
building and installing stair systems and handrails.

1981 - 1987
- Worked for This End Up Furniture Co. in Raleigh, NC, building furniture for the first four years.
- In 1985, I made a proposal to management that outlined my observations that a full-time wood
savings program could save the company tens of thousands of dollars per year. My proposal was
accepted and I was chosen to be the Material Savings Coordinator. I worked successfully with the
carpenters, lumber salespeople, sawmill workers, and wood recycling contacts to significantly reduce
the amount of wood wasted, as well as implementing programs to reduce the consumption of other
materials such as sanding belts, glue, etc.

- Began my own carpentry business.
- Also self-published a monthly tabloid called "Energy Unlimited". This publication contained
information for local activists, policy makers, construction professionals, and citizens on safe and
efficient energy paths.

- Founding member and editor of The Prism, a monthly tabloid devoted to local issues in the Chapel
Hill area.

- Selected by the Alternative Energy Corporation (a non-profit building science agency sponsored by
the State of North Carolina and partially supported by the utility ratepayers of the state, now called
Advanced Energy Corporation) to be a member of a "green building" training team of about a dozen
industry professionals that would undergo training in current building science and then hold seminars
around the state to spread the word. The team members were fortunate to receive the training, but
funding issues prevented us from teaching seminars around the state.

1992 - 1994
- Became the first independent candidate for county commissioner in Oranmge County history,
received seven out of seven local media & organization endorsements, but could not overcome
straight-party ticket voting.
- I wrote a series of early green building articles in Remodeling News magazine.

1993 - 2006
- I wrote a regular column for the Chapel Hill Herald. In 1997, after being dropped by the Chapel Hill
Herald, I was immediately picked up by the rival paper, the Chapel Hill News.

- Purchased seamless gutter machine and began providing gutter services to builders and
homeowners. In the course of this work, we have had the opportunity to do a few rain-harvesting

- My company deconstructed a prominent downtown building built in 1936, prompting press coverage
promoting the practice of deconstruction and providing lots of beautiful wood for my personal house
that would be built two years later.
- Elected to serve as a member of the Board of Directors of the North Carolina Solar Energy
- Appointed by the Orange County Commissioners to serve on the county's Economic Development

- Appointed by the Orange County Board of Commissioners to serve on the Orange Water and Sewer
Authority Board of Directors. From October 2003 until September 2005, I served as Chair of the
Board. During my tenure, we dealt with the record drought of 2001-02, created new water conservation
standards for the community, and partnered with UNC on a treated wastewater re-use system. I
served until June of 2006.

- Completed Marcoplos-Sundermann eco-home (personal house), a model green building incorporating
passive and active solar components, passive cooling, recycled materials, etc. Received local press
attention after week-long power outage during the 2003 ice storm when it was one of just a handful of
homes with on-site power generation that was relatively unaffected by the disaster.

For more information on this model environmental home, see this article I wrote for the Independent
Weekly newspaper in 2003. Also see the North Carolina Green Building Design Database.

- Taught a class in Green Building at Central Carolina Community College in Pittsboro, NC.
- Hired as "Green Building Consultant" for the Winmore development in Carrboro, NC, developing
green building guidelines for the project.

- Articles and photographs published in Smart Homeowner magazine on passive cooling techniques
and home energy-efficiency.

- Appeared on the Discovery Channel's show, "Renovation Nation", with host Steve Thomas of "This
Old House" fame. Two segments aired as a result of an all-day filming at our house - one on
environmental flooring choices and the other on our photovoltaic generating system and solar water
- Appointed by the Orange County Commissioners to serve on the Orange County Planning Board.

Mark Marcoplos
bio highlights
Born: March 19, 1953 Brockton, MA
1955-1960 lived in Baltimore, MD
1961-1970 lived in Reisterstown, MD

Deerfield Academy, Deerfield, MA - graduated 1971
Senior independent study project - short story writing.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1971 semester - All Atlantic Coast Conference soccer
player as a freshman.

University of New Hampshire - finished freshman year

- Worked on concrete and framing crew for a builder in
New London, NH

1973 - 1974
- After extensive traveling in Mexico and the western
U.S., I moved to Chapel Hill, NC and worked on a framing
crew, stick-framing apartment buildings.
"I thoroughly enjoyed your Green Building
talk at the LEAF Fest on Saturday. You said
so much in such common-sense terms. I'm
confident that you inspired a lot of people in
that quick hour."
Chris Senior
Anchorage Building Corporation
Wilmington, NC